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This nature based activity guide will help your child build skills in bushcraft, regenerative agriculture, homesteading, engineering, science, art and technology through highly engaging real-life experiences. 

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40+ Nature-Based Activities

for you & your child to choose from each month


Foster resilience, teamwork, and self-reliance through activities like fire-building, shelter construction, and nature navigation.


Nurture a connection to the land by engaging in hands-on experiences such as gardening, animal care and environmental stewardship.


Experience immersive activities like recycling, composting, and conservation, instilling a lifelong commitment to our planet.


Age-appropriate experiments and nature observations that lay the foundation for understanding fundamental scientific concepts.


Encourage hands-on exploration of basic engineering principles through projects that spark innovation and critical thinking.

Arts & Crafts

Creativity blooms with projects inspired by the natural world, promoting fine motor skills, and a love for the creative process.

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Are you looking to provide your young children with a nature-based education at your homeschool? At The Wild Schooler, we provide a homeschool curriculum guide designed for the adventurous hearts of kindergarten-aged children (5-7 years old). Our nature-based curriculum is based on the natural environment, so we encourage activities to be done in an outdoor space, outdoor classroom or in a natural setting such as a local park, playground or nearby forest. 

In addition to the various activities that can be done outdoors with natural materials, our guide also provides options for indoor activities in case of bad weather or inaccessibility to an outdoor space. 

Our mission is to kindle a deep connection between children and the natural world and provide homeschool parents with options that cater to different learning styles. We believe in fostering a sense of wonder and independence through hands-on, nature-based activities that echo the spirit of forest schools and forest education.

Our nature-based homeschool curriculum is released monthly, where each month unveils new themes that align with the seasons and the rhythm of nature.

Wild Schooling is a philosophy of child-led learning, empowering parents to be facilitators of early childhood education that is nature-based and highly engaging. Instead of rigid lesson plans, we offer a cornucopia of 40+ STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) activities each month, ranging from outdoor expeditions in backyard nature parks to indoor experiments that engage young minds with hands-on direct experience. 

You are more than welcome to follow the curriculum as we have it scheduled week by week, but it’s also designed to allow parents and children to jump around based on the child’s needs and individual interests on any given day.

In addition to our easy-to-follow nature study guides we provide complete with material lists, so parents can dive into the daily rhythm without the hassle of planning. Our goal is to help you create a nature-based learning environment where learning feels like play, where every observation becomes a lesson, and where the journey is as important as the destination.

Sign up above to instantly download our January 2024 homeschool curriculum for Kindergarten grade level, completely FREE and give it a try. If it benefits you and your child, come back for more. Our monthly homeschool curriculum of nature-based activities (digital download) is only $7/month per family and you can cancel anytime. 

Here’s what you’ll find in our January 2024 nature-based program:

January – A Winter Wonderland Exploration

As the frost-kissed breeze of January sweeps in, “The Wild Schooler” transforms into a Winter Wonderland, unveiling a diverse array of nature-inspired activities designed to captivate the hearts and minds of our young learners. Let’s dive into the magic of this month’s themes!

Theme 1: Hibernation

January’s first theme, “Hibernation,” invites children to examine the secrets of winter survival. From collecting firewood and mastering the art of building a campfire to the joyous experience of making their own marshmallows, these activities not only warm the body but also ignite a love for the great outdoors. Children will learn all about hibernating animals, how to identify animal tracks and may even get a chance to see them up close near their dens. After studying how animals build dens, your child will get to test out their wild engineering skills and build a den of their own. their own using foraged sticks and branches. Other activities that follow the hibernation theme include building a bug motel (you’ll need these for the garden in later months) and making ornamental bird feeders. These activities provide children with plenty of outdoor playtime and connect them to the intricate tapestry of nature. This fosters a sense of responsibility for the environment and provides opportunities for direct interaction with animals in local habitats. 

Theme 2: Cozy Crafts

Just as animals lay dormant in the winter, we naturally slow down our pace too. Our January Kindergarten curriculum is full of creative arts, crafts and warm cozy recipes. Children will embark on a journey of hand knitting, a tactile and engaging craft that requires no tools, leading to the creation of a cozy blanket made entirely of yarn knots fashioned by their little hands. The spirit of kindness and social skills blooms as they craft sweet bread to share with neighbors, a gesture that goes beyond the confines of the curriculum, instilling values of community and generosity. Handmade candles, scented with foraged pine and cedar needles, add a sensory element to the crafting experience, while the exploration of water temperatures during a hot chocolate-making session sparks scientific curiosity.

Theme 3: Experimenting with Snow and Ice

Children will revel in daily activities such as the joy of making ice cream outdoors amidst the snow, turning the cold landscape into a sweet laboratory. The creation of an ice bowling alley using cardboard and ice balls blends physics and play, while the mesmerizing beauty of color-mixing icicles introduces the wonders of chromatography. Building an igloo, whether with marshmallows or real snow, becomes a hands-on lesson in engineering and teamwork, and the crafting of snow globes transforms winter scenes into whimsical wonders to be cherished.

In this January curriculum, “The Wild Schooler” not only explores the wonders of the season but also intertwines mother nature, hands-on activities, and child-led learning into a tapestry of educational magic. The adventure has just begun, and the beauty of winter awaits the eager exploration of young minds. Welcome to a month of discovery, creativity, and boundless curiosity!


Kindergarten Curriculum that aligns with the Seasons of the Year

Our outdoor curriculum pulsates in harmony with the ever-changing seasons.

Embracing the Seasons

Our nature-based curriculum invites children to witness the cyclical dance of nature. From the awakening of spring’s blossoms to the sun-soaked adventures of summer, the vibrant tapestry of fall foliage, and the tranquil beauty of winter’s icy landscapes, every month becomes a gateway to understanding the ebb and flow of the natural world. By aligning our outdoor activities with the seasons, we provide children with a front-row seat to the grand spectacle of Earth’s annual transformations.

This connection not only instills a sense of wonder but also cultivates a deep respect for the delicate balance of the ecosystem. Our aim is to nurture not just informed minds but compassionate hearts that beat in tune with the natural world.

Tailored Activities for Each Season

Every season brings its own set of wonders, and our curriculum tailors activities to accentuate the distinctive characteristics of each. In spring, children might engage in planting and nurturing seeds, exploring the rebirth of nature. Summer invites water play, bug hunts, and stargazing under warm nights. Fall’s crisp air sets the stage for leaf art, harvesting produce, and understanding the changing colors of leaves. Winter, a season of frosty enchantment, brings snow-centric activities, animal tracking, and cozy crafts inspired by the chilly landscape.

The Regenerative Agricultural (Sustainable Farm) Connection

In “The Wild Schooler,” every month unfolds as a captivating chapter, each one anchored by specific themes that align with the seasons and teach valuable skills around regenerative agriculture and farming in harmony with nature. 

Farm Mimicry: Connecting with Sustainable Practices

Embedded within each theme is a unique connection to sustainable farming practices. We believe that understanding the interdependence between humans and the land is crucial for fostering environmental stewardship. Activities are carefully designed to mimic tasks on a regenerative farm corresponding to the specific month. For example, in spring, children might engage in planting and nurturing seeds, mirroring the agricultural cycle of sowing new life. Summer could involve activities like cultivating a small garden, emphasizing the importance of sustainable agriculture in the season of abundance. In fall, harvesting apples for baking not only connects with the theme but also mirrors the farm’s harvest season. Winter brings forth activities like tracking animal footprints in the snow, creating awareness about the interconnectedness of wildlife and sustainable ecosystems.

Skill Building through Activities: Nurturing Holistic Development in Every Adventure

“The Wild Schooler” is not just about learning; it’s about cultivating a rich tapestry of skills that will accompany children throughout their lives. Each activity is a stepping stone, carefully designed to develop a diverse set of skills through:

Bushcraft Curriculum

In the realm of bushcraft, children embark on a journey of hands-on exploration in nature. Activities like building a hibernation den with foraged sticks, constructing a bug hotel, and collecting firewood for an efficient campfire nurture essential outdoor skills. The art of building and maintaining a campfire not only teaches fire safety but also instills resourcefulness and resilience. As children engage with the natural world, they learn to navigate, adapt, and connect with the environment, fostering a sense of self-reliance and confidence.

Regenerative Agriculture Curriculum

At the heart of our curriculum lies a deep connection to regenerative agriculture. Activities such as planting and nurturing seeds, cultivating small gardens, and harvesting fruits align with sustainable farming practices. By mirroring tasks on a farm, children gain an understanding of the delicate balance between humans and the land. This hands-on approach fosters environmental stewardship, instilling values of responsibility and respect for the earth. As they witness the cycles of growth and harvest, young minds develop a profound appreciation for sustainable living practices.

STEAM Curriculum

“STEAM” (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) takes center stage in our curriculum, showcasing the seamless integration of these disciplines into every activity. Whether it’s experimenting with color-mixing icicles, constructing an igloo, or building an ice bowling alley, children engage in activities that spark curiosity and critical thinking. The interdisciplinary nature of these activities fosters a holistic understanding of the world, nurturing problem-solving skills and creativity. From observing the natural world to constructing imaginative structures, children become natural scientists, engineers, and artists.

Homesteading and Homemaking Curriculum

Life skills are woven into the fabric of “The Wild Schooler,” emphasizing the importance of practical knowledge. Baking sweet bread, knitting blankets with hand-tied knots, and sewing handmade candles from foraged materials instill valuable skills in homesteading and homemaking. These activities not only nurture creativity but also promote patience, focus, and attention to detail. Through the joy of crafting, children develop a sense of accomplishment and self-sufficiency, laying the foundation for a lifetime of practical skills.

In “The Wild Schooler,” skill-building is not a checklist; it’s a dynamic, interconnected journey that nurtures the whole child. From outdoor survival skills to an understanding of sustainable farming, from the wonders of STEAM to the joy of homemaking, each activity is a brushstroke in the masterpiece of holistic development. Welcome to a curriculum where every adventure is a lesson, and every skill is a lifelong companion.

Education in Everyday Activities

Whether it’s exploring the backyard for signs of hibernating animals, kneading dough for sweet bread, or experimenting with colors in the creation of icicles, every moment becomes an opportunity for learning. By aligning activities with the seasons and themes, we transform routine tasks into captivating educational experiences.

The Enjoyable Nature of Activities

One of the hallmarks of our curriculum is its ability to make learning so enjoyable that children won’t even realize they are doing school work. The activities are carefully crafted to be fun, engaging, and hands-on, creating an atmosphere where curiosity naturally thrives. Whether it’s building a hibernation den, making ice cream outdoors, or crafting a snow globe, each activity is designed to evoke joy and excitement. Children are so engrossed in the enjoyable nature of the tasks that the line between play and learning becomes beautifully blurred.

Cultivating a Lifelong Love for Learning

By embedding nature-based programs into the enjoyable fabric of everyday life, our goal is to cultivate a lifelong love for learning. The kindergarten curriculum guide instills the idea that knowledge is not confined to textbooks or rigid schedules but is a living, dynamic entity that permeates every facet of existence. Children embark on a journey where the pursuit of knowledge becomes as natural as breathing.

Welcome to “The Wild Schooler,” where education is seamlessly integrated into the tapestry of daily life, and every moment is an invitation to explore, discover, and fall in love with the joy of learning.

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