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DIY Nature Art Christmas Ornaments: Forest School Activities for Kids (Ages 3-8)

Are you looking for a delightful and educational Christmas activity for your little ones using natural resources? Look no further! In this step-by-step guide, we’ll explore how to create nature-inspired DIY Christmas ornaments using plastic craft balls (or glass if you have older kids). This engaging project combines the joy of crafting with the excitement of a nature walk, making it a perfect fit for wild schooling kids aged 3 to 8. The best part? It’s simple, budget-friendly, and sparks creativity. So, let’s dive into the world of DIY ornaments and outdoor exploration!

Materials Needed for DIY Nature Christmas Ornament Ball

  1. Plastic ornament craft balls (with removable caps) – (12 piece available on Amazon here)
  2. Optional: Craft glue or hot glue gun for securing heavier items in place (we did not glue anything and they still look great)
  3. Optional: Markers or stickers (for decorating the outside of the ornament)

Take a Nature Walk with Your Family

  1. Plan Your Adventure: Begin by planning a nature walk with your homeschooling crew. Choose a nearby park, forest, or even your backyard, and ensure the area is safe and suitable for children.
  2. Gather Essential Supplies: Before heading out, grab a small bag or basket for collecting treasures during the nature walk. Pack some snacks and water and dress the kids in comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for exploring the woods.
  3. Exploration Time: Take a leisurely stroll through nature, encouraging your little ones to observe and collect small treasures. Discuss the wonders of the outdoors, from the colors of leaves to the shapes of rocks.
  4. Treasures to Look For:
    • Acorns
    • Moss
    • Small sticks
    • Dirt
    • Pretty leaves
    • Pinecones
    • Small flowers
    • Seeds
    • Dried wildflowers
    • Cedar, Pine or Evergreen Branches
    • Frozen bugs (for the adventurous!)

Craft Your DIY Natural Ornaments Together

  1. Set Up Your Workspace: Once you return home, designate a crafting area. Lay out the collected treasures and gather the plastic ornament craft balls, markers, stickers, and optional glue.
  2. Open the Ornaments: Carefully remove the caps from the plastic craft balls. If you have a variety of sizes, let the kids choose which ones they want to use for their ornaments.
  3. Selecting Treasures: Encourage your little ones to review their collected treasures and choose items that fit through the ornament hole. This step adds a personal touch to each ornament, as kids decide what to include.
  4. Filling the Ornaments: Allow your kids to place their chosen treasures inside the plastic balls. Experiment with different combinations and arrangements until they are satisfied with their creations.
  5. Optional Gluing: For heavier items or to ensure certain treasures stay in place, you can use craft glue or a hot glue gun. Remember to assist your child with this step to ensure safety.
  6. Decorate the Exterior: Use markers or stickers to decorate the outside of the ornament balls. This step adds a festive touch and allows kids to express their creativity further.
  7. Secure the Cap: Once the ornaments are filled and decorated, securely place the caps back onto the plastic balls. Ensure they are sealed tightly to prevent any treasures from escaping.
  8. Display and Admire: Find a special place in your home to display the nature-inspired Christmas ornaments. Your kids will be proud to showcase their creations, and you’ll have a beautiful reminder of your outdoor adventure.

This nature-inspired Christmas ornament activity is not only educational but also an excellent opportunity for quality family time. The simplicity of the materials and the joy of exploring the outdoors make it a perfect fit for children aged 3 to 8. With just a few steps, you can create beautiful ornaments that capture the essence of your nature walk. So, gather your little ones, head outdoors, and let the creativity flow this holiday season

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